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The Periodic Table for Biology

The individual cells are designed to be informative, but not cluttered, and include a clear color coding showing the abundance of each element in a human. In practice, the information in the element-cells serves as a starting point for student projects--discovering the roles of the trace elements or micronutrients in cells, or finding the specific diagnostic or treatment aspects of individual elements. The text at the bottom is clear and interesting as it further integrates ideas of the two disciplines for students. Topics mentioned include Carbon, biotoxins, free-radicals and fossil dating. The notebook version provides for an excellent dry lab to get students seeing themselves as an atom repository and location of element exchange.

The Biology Poster is designed to be attractive, friendly and readable by students and parents with little background in chemistry. The Biology Periodic table bridges the chemistry-biology chasm, showing chemistry students the applications of elements in a biological setting while showing biology students that chemistry is the basis for virtually all topics in biology. Data presented includes the quantities of each element in a person, daily intake levels, medical uses and the general role of the element within cells.

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The Notebook version comes in packs of 30 with six pages of suggested questions and activities. It is useful as a "dry lab" to get students to see the effects and implications of chemical elements in biological systems. One example activity suggests relating the nutritional listings of different foods (breakfast cereals and multivitamin supplements are good) to the list of daily intake values on the handout. The questions are designed to stimulate thinking and investigations in biology, chemistry and middle school classes. As an activity resource, the handouts can be used and shared many times.

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